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Our XC RIDERS Hare Scramble is a fun event for all classes: Youth Bikes, Youth ATVs, Motocycles, Sport ATVs, and even 4-Wheel Drive (Utility) ATVs. Classes will be determined on event day based on the turnout. Spectators and pit crew are FREE. Please bring most of your snacks and beverages for the day (there MAY be burgers, hotdogs, and pop available...not sure). No alcohol please.

There will be no cash prizes, but we do have trophies for a few of the most skilled riders in each class. In order to get those bragging rights, there are some rules to follow.

You will need to follow our Rider and Machine Safety Rules to participate in our event.

The XC RIDERS Hare Scrambles will be roughly organized like this:


Here is the most probable class breakdown for the next event: (85cc riders may run a shorter time than the adults, but will run the full track.)

1/2 Hr Run or
1 Hr Time
         - Youth Quad (90 cc or Less)
            - Youth Mini Bike (mini's only)
            - Youth Bike (?)

           (May add/change classes on event day)
2 Hr Run Time
         - Bike A and B and an 85cc C class
            - Quad Sport A (and maybe B)
            - Quad Utility (run full 2hr)

           (May add/change classes on event day)


The ride is a distance event, not a sprint. So we hope you're in shape! Some 2-strokes may need to allow for a fuel stop.

Most of the riding will be through narrow wooded trails, some is in open fields, and some on a motocross track. Some areas are wet, but we will try to plan the course to be on high ground as much as possible. Sport ATV's will want to use big tires for this event for clearance over logs, through some wet areas, and over rocks. Also, we have we have paid special attention to make sure the course is wide enough for all Sport ATV's, but remember that wider doesn't mean faster in this type of event.

No participants will get to ride on the course prior to the event, however, it is ok to walk the course to inspect for any uneven areas that may be beyond your skill level.

All riders will follow a marked course. The marked course is within 25 feet of arrows. Anytime double arrows or double painted trees are posted on both sides of the trail, the riders will stay between the arrows or trees. Markers may also include any device placed along the trail to help guide riders, including: ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, tires, etc… Any time a rider leaves the course for any reason he should re-enter the course at the same spot he originally exited.

Any rider encountering a traffic jam of riders along the course should go no more than 25 feet off the course to get around the bottleneck. However, the rider must re-enter the course as soon as possible.

If marking devises are knocked down, riders should stay on original marked course. Short cutting in these areas is not considered fair riding.

Much of the course is one-lane riding, so it is common courtesy to let faster riders pass. Faster riders should rev their engine or hollar to request a pass. If it is apparent that the slower rider cannot stay ahead, the slower rider should pull off to the side when a chance becomes available and ride behind the faster rider.


All starts will be DEAD ENGINE, riders sitting or standing on bike.

Riders will be let out in 1 minute "waves" based on your class. All classes will line up on their assigned starting rows on a first come first serve basis.


All riders must come to a complete stop at the home checkpoint. There will be a “No Passing” zone at the home checkpoint. Your time will be noted and you will be sent out for another lap.


You will end up making between 4 and 6 laps around a 7 to 12 mile course. (Youth has a shorter course yet to be determined). Here's how you finish:

The home checkpoint closes at exactly 2 hours. (Youth classes have different time limits yet to be determined.) Anyone through the checkpoint before 2 hours will be sent out for another lap. You continue to make laps around the 7-12 mile course until you come into the checkpoint after the 2 hour mark.

The overall positions are based on the riders' total laps finished and their elapsed time at the finish. Therefore the rider who finishes the most laps in the least amount of time would be considered the fastest rider.


There will be a total membership/entry fee of $35 per adult rider, $15 per youth rider to the organizers on event day to help with costs and trophies. Spectators and pit crew are FREE.


You will need to follow our
Rider and Machine Safety Rules to participate in our event.

We will be requiring all riders to have a helmet, eye protection, full length pants, high ankled boots, chest protector and gloves. This is the only REQUIRED safety equipment. You ride at your own risk. However, we also recommend knee pads, elbow pads, neck brace, and a kidney belt. (You will be riding on uneven and sometimes unpredictable terrain with lots of trees). We also recommend handgaurds to protect you from branches and debris from other riders. It is also not a bad idea to have a tether kill switch (especially if you are riding a manual-geared ATV).


Anything goes (as long as it's safe). All the classes we run are OPEN classes and there is no noise decibel limit.


Here is a forum link with pictures from the Grand National Cross Country circuit. There are lots of high-quality images on these pages, so be prepared to wait for them to finish loading for a while. Note that none of the riders have clean machines. Even though we have made many efforts to make OUR track as dry as possible (it should be dry this year), be prepared for your bike to look the same as these machines at the end of our ride. If you're scared of getting a little muddy, don't plan on riding...but please come and watch!


A special thanks to local motocross clubs for promotion, to Carver Performance for donating some of the course marking signage, and to www.supermotors.org for website hosting.

And a huge thank you the landowners for allowing us to hold this event on their land.

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If you have questions about the event, please let us know!

We also have the results of past events up.

In The Woods!

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